Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Racking Mead and fruit trees/bushes

I am racking both of the strawberry meads today. The strawberry chocolate and strawberry vanilla are both going to be racked into new carboys topped up a tad and have some more strawberries added to the secondary. In another month, I will rack again and wait a month or two and bottle.

The pure chocolate I am not going to touch. I am going to top it up a bit with some water. For the most part it will sit in the primary for 6 months to a year bofore I do anything.

The Joe's Acient Orange has one more month (or two) to go before racking into a secondary to separate the gunk, then immediate bottling. Ready for consumption in May/June until christmas (if it lasts that long).

I am adding 2 lbs of strawberries to the secondary with 1/8 tsp Pectic Enzyme to help clear it a tad by breaking down the suspended pectin.

Fruit trees/bushes

The whole peach tree is covered in young peaches like this! I am thinking that I might have to thin them out some because they will not have enough room to grow without becomming squished and ugly/deformed. This is a Georgia Belle white peach that is supposed to be awesome. I will have to give some away and freeze some. I should have gotten another when I had the chance.

This is the top down view of one of my 7 blueberry bushes.... they all are still putting out blooms and the blooms that have dropped are almost all starting to get baby berries in the crown... If I can keep the birds and squirrels out of them it will be a miracle.

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  1. I don't have a peach tree but understand that you have to thin them out just like you said in order to have good peaches. Seems a shame to have to pull them off like that.
    I have blueberries and my biggest predator is deer! They will eat anything! I have enough blubes that the birds can have some and leave plenty for me. Be sure to fertilize and acidify with sulfur.