Tuesday, February 15, 2011

warm weather

We have been having really warm weather for the last 4 days... It has allowed the bees to break cluster, and fly. It also has allowed me the opportunity to go into them and inspect the hives.

At my house, one of the hives is down to just 1 frame of bees with the queen not laying many eggs. They might not make it if she doesn't get her act together. She is the last remaining Kona stock I have.

I have one hive that has a HUGE number of bees. two brood chambers worth. The queen has layed eggs on 4 frames in the bottom brood chamber and 4 frames in the middle one. There are tons of bees bringing in pollen. They have gone through an entire candy board already and only have one supers worth of honey spread among 3 hive bodies. I will probably have to feed them more before the honey flow.

You can see the one worker bringing in pollen.

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  1. Our bees came out for a short spell today. I was so happy to see them flying. I love your little bee with pollen on the legs. That is a great sight to see!