Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bee Tree Cutout

I got a call today from a gentleman who had cut down a tree and found a hive of bees in it. He wanted to keep the bees and become a beekeeper. My role was to sell him a full hive of equipment and remove the bees and place them into it. I am also to assist him in the future with some questions and how to inspect the hives.

Walking to the tree I noticed this bee foraging... I figured I would snap a pic real fast.

All of our stuff was loaded onto a trailer to be brought into the woods to get the bees.

The tree was quite large. The gentleman would not go anywhere near it without my spare suit on.
 You can see the enterance here:
We guessed at where the bees were and where the comb went... The bees were all in the other half like we anticipated and this was all empty comb with some honey reserves still in it.
I cut out some brood and pollen and honey and placed it in a hive body. I brushed and smoked the bees down into it. We found the queen and made 100% sure she made it into the hive. I put the hive there to get the returning bees. I am comming back tomorrow night to move the hive to the guys house.


  1. Very cool! Amazing how they set up shop in that tree. Your photograph of the entrance is great! I bet he was surprised when he cut that tree. Is there any way of telling what type of honeybee they are?

  2. Very fun. Wished I could've been there to enjoy it with ya.

  3. They were a mixture. Some carni genetics, some italian. They were VERY calm. The queen was very fat and plump looking. She also was a golden orange color. I was not able to take a pic cause I was covered in honey at that time.

  4. Great pics, Jared! Quite an adventure indeed!

  5. Great job Jared. Thanks for taking time to do the photos so we can see the process.