Monday, May 23, 2011

new cutout

I got a call about a cutout from a second story overhang on a building the owners were trying to sell. I got everything ready on my day off, and got delayed until 6pm. I got there and proceeded to start the extraction with the intent of quitting if it got too dark. The extraction went until 8pm and I called it for the day. I then came back to finish the cleanup the second morning. In all it took about 4 hours. That seems to be the running time for me to do an extraction without destroying the house.

Enjoy the pics:

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  1. You are too funny Jared! I love that you are in shorts. You certainly are at a confidence level with bees that I know I will never be. I admire that you just get in there and get the job done. As always I enjoy the pix!!