Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lost more hives and pollen

It was 60 degrees yesterday and I was able to go into all of my hives to check them. I have lost 2 more. All of the hives had queens from strachan and were carniolians. They all absconded or underperformed and froze. I had heard nothing but good about them. Oh well.

A bunch of the hives had already worked through their honey reserves and I had to put candy boards that had a pollen party embedded for this spring. By the time they eat through the sugar block, they will be needing the pollen for buildup. I will have to post a picture later of what they look like.

I also noticed 2 different types of pollen they were bringing in. I can't figure out what is blooming for tem to use. It is gray and dull yellow.


  1. So sorry to read about your lost hives! I have Carniolans and I'm not sure if they are alive or not since I haven't opened the hive yet. This weather is crazy. Seems bees did much better in that bitter cold the nation had last year. Weird about the pollen, wonder where they found it.

  2. This site is for allery sufferers..but I found it interesting because it shows where the pollen is coming from. just type in your zip code.