Monday, October 25, 2010

Update on apiary and mead

I will be changing the chocolate mead carboy in the next few days. I will also be adding some more water to all when I rack them (change from one container to another leaving behind the gunk).

I have marked all of my queens with the exception of one. She is a black carni and hard to spot. I have also made sure all of my bees are ready for winter with enough stores to be able to survive. They are in 3 boxes known as supers. The bottom is full of pollen and brood, the middle is half honey and half pollen and brood and the top box is all honey.

I have also given all of the hives another sugar shake. Food and mite population reduction all in one.


  1. Hey Jared,
    So you are running with 3 DEEPS per colony?

  2. I am running 8 frame mediums. A full frame of honey in a medium is about 4 lbs. That means the bees have about 64lbs of honey to go through winter with...

  3. OK thanks,
    My Neighbor also has 3, 8 frame mediums stacked together. Plus one extra that the bees are still building comb in. That gets pulled here very soon though.

  4. re: mead...add water? to fill the carboy for the "airlock" ....have you ever heard this...ADD MARBLES? to bring the volume up? if you add water...are you also adding more honey? or do you go into it with a super concentrated sugar volume?