Monday, November 8, 2010

Warm weather

We had 73 degree weather today and the bees were out taking advantage of the nice day to do cleansing and orientation flights.

I also took the initiative to add about a 8"x8" pollen patty to the center of each hive and they must have been hungry because after about 15 seconds the patty was covered in bees eating it. I need to go and feed the other hives.

I also found 2 hives on craigslist for sale and got a really good deal on them. The guy had not messed with them for over a year (or so he said). Lets hope the bees were truly as advertised and are healthy enough to make it through winter.


  1. Good luck with the new colonies. Are your bees still taking up enough syrup to feed the new bees if they need more Winter stores? Up here the bees are pretty much done with syrup.

  2. mine will still take it if offered, but they wont have time to convert and lower moisture content. I am not gonna risk a bunch of sugar water going down the tubes.

    They have enough honey stores I think to make it. I just wanted to give them extra protien.

  3. Good luck with the new bees! I hope they survive the winter and are healthy :) I think my hive is weak, but not sure. If ours don't make it we will be starting over next year. I'll buy 2 hives instead of one next time.