Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another swarm call!

I got another call at 5:30 about a swarm of bees in a bush. They were SUPER gentle. The swarm was about the size of a cantaloupe.


  1. Is there a good book out there on how to retrieve swarms? I'm super paranoid that my bees are going to swarm this year and instead of attaching themselves to a tree or a bush they will end up on a chair in my neighbors yard or the side of their house. Last year when they swarmed I got lucky and they went high into a tree (30-40 feet).

    1. There isn't one I know of. Basically give them some drawn comb, some brood and some space and try to give the limb or branch a hard shake. Most will fall straight down and into the box. Then you close it up and let the stragglers find their way in. Close it up and head out.