Saturday, April 7, 2012

one more to add to the list

I got a swarm call again last evening and was not able to get pictures due to the fact it was 8:30 pm by the time I could get there.

There was a ball the size of a basketball. I got it. I looked for any stragglers and right above it was the other half of the swarm.... another basketball size!!!!!! I dumped them in too and headed home.


  1. Jared, I wish you lived in Minnesota. We've had two swarms in a week and both swarm collectors were novices. There was a bit of a struggle to get the second swarm. How awesome it would have been to have someone with your swarm collecting expertise on hand :)

  2. I just did MAJOR SPLITTING in my hives as well. (2) 3 deep hives - had SO MANY SWARM CELLS (both capped and uncapped)....i could have made 20 splits!!!!! what's going on this year?????