Thursday, December 17, 2009

In the BEEgining...

Okay, this is my first post. Please bear with me. Here is an update on where I stand (since I have started buying everything before I started this blog).

I have purchased the following items:

2, 8-Frame Assembled Cypress English Garden Hive

-- My better half liked these most. We all know that if you are going to be doing this in your backyard and your spouse is around it has to be pretty…. :) (I liked them too)

12, 8-Frame Cypress Garden Hive Supers

6-1/4 Frame Wedge Top/Grooved Bottom frames

White 5 1/2'' Plastic Foundation
-- For my Supers

TEN Shts 5-5/8 Crimp Wire Foundation
-- for brood chambers

5 Frame 6-5/8'' Complete Nuc (minus the frames) and a Waxed Cardboard Nuc

--I got these for if I ever needed a nuc for swarm capture in the future, or if I needed one for any reason.

8-Frame Hive Top Feeder w/Floats
--I figured that it would not disturb the bees as much and it also keeps the winter feeding to a simple ease as well.

8 Frame Metal Excluder
-- to keep that pesky queen from going into the supers

8-Frame Ventilated Inner Cover & Moving
-- I got 2 of these in the even I needed them. Better to have and not use, than need and not have.

8-Frame Imirie Shims
--Just incase I get some crazy honeyflow going….

Powdered Sugar Blower
--I have not read ANY studies on these bellows. I figured I would give them a try and report on it here.

Beetle Blaster
-- I have also not read anything about these but it seems quite easy to use and I will report on it as well.

Frame Lifter Hive Tool

Brushy Mountain Pro Smoker

Bee Brush

Inspector's Jacket

Clear-Vue Hat/Veil w/double zip

Plastic Coated Gloves

Cypress Solar Wax Melter

Frame Perch

MegaBee substitute, Honey B Healthy Mega Bee Pollen Patties, 1 lb. Ener-G-Plus Bee Diet
--To feed my bees when I get them this spring.

12 oz Creamed Honey.
--I never had it before, I figured I would give it a try.

Creamed Honey Info.
--In the event that I decided to try to make it at some point.

total: $1031.32

Sure, I could have saved some money and gotten the cheaper version of things or non-prebuilt items. I just didnt want to deal with assembly or things I didn't truly want.

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