Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pictures update

Since there is still 6" of snow on the back deck, I figured I would take some pictures of everything I have and have done. The only thing left out is the 2 medium nucs I built. They are in the office upstairs.

For some reason Dozer, our pit, wanted to sit on top of the presents. We were rearranging them and he hopped on this one.
Below is Jasper... He is a bit wierd. If he is happy he sticks his tongue out like that.

I have no other place for storage right now, so this is everything stacked up nicely in the garage.

To the right is what my hives look like. I cannot put them out yet, as I do not have any bees!!! I cannot wait until spring!
On my hives, I used a pecan/almond stain with 2 coats of a Min-Wax urethane varnish to seal them. I still need to stain and coat 3 supers that I just got as an early Christmas present from my better half and I need to work on the rims of all of them with the varnish. The copper on the top will eventually turn green but for now, I think I might spray paint it hunter green...

To the left you can see the powdered sugar blower I am going to try and report about in my blog.

The sign below is what I am going to have posted just in case of idiots roaming the neighborhood....

I will be using all 8 frame mediums and the English Garden Hives.

As I get my bees I will be trying various things to get them fat and happy. I have patties and builder and megabee for them this year... I am going to offer all in patty form and liquid form as an experiment to see what is preferred. I plan on experimenting a lot (the biologist and chemist coming out in me). I have found some products for human use that has everything the bees require and some, and it doesn’t have any damaging chemicals like lactose that the bees can die from. It isn't a bee food sold on the market, but I am going to see if it works for them... It is kind of pricey, but if the hive I use it on get huge, I will know why, and it will be well worth it....

On a side not I like to cook....

I got bored today and made a sopapilla dessert (in all honesty my spouse was more interested in me doing it that I was).   YUM!!!!!! Nothing like made from scratch desserts!

I have been told by all of my friends and family that I should publish a recipe book.... I love cooking, but I don't have the time to compile all of my recipes....

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