Thursday, December 17, 2009


Okay guys and girls, here are some pictures of my hive stand and initial location. My neighbors dont mind and are actually curious. Anyway, I live on a private road with about 15 houses. About 10 of the houses on my road and around me are rentals rented by college kids. I am worried about vandalism from some drunk frat party the first 2 years until the flowering plants I have planted grow up enough to partially hide the hives and create a barrier from the road to the apiary. It will only have one enterance from the back unless you crawl through the bushes.

This is the stand on my porch where it will be kept for the first two years. The enterances will be faced out of the slats in the railing with about 18" of clearance from the fence.

    This is a picture of the "official" location where the hives will be the second year. The stand on the porch will be put on the cynderblocks. the garden box should be full of flowers, and plants all around the area.
I will provide some more pictures of everything built and the processes. I will also get you guys some pics of everythign in starage soon!

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