Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fun Happens

The last two days were a blast. I got to assist Larry Tate of Tate's Apiaries in his inspections. He has several yards and several types of bees.

We found the queen in most of the hives, but a few the bees were hot due to the drizzling rain that moved in 1/2 way through. We made up sugar water with honey bee healthy, some with mega bee and some with apple cider. We put each type on different hives to see what works best. Each type of feed was applied to about 6 hives, along with regular sugar water in some.

Initially we put bowls out with each type in front of a dry substitute box he made that had bees swarming around it. And by bees swarming around it I mean SWARMING.... They were going crazy loading up their baskets.

Initially the honey bee healthy and the apple cider vinegar had a lot of bees on it, but before the rain started, the mega bee had a few as well. I think the smell of the honey bee healthy and cider led them to the water faster. It started raining so there is no telling which they took the fastest.

We should be able to get a general idea about mega bee vs honey bee healthy vs apple cider in a week or so if the weather is warm enough for an inspection (but it is looking like 40's for all next week).

Quite a few of his bees didn't even need smoke on the cloudy day. About 5 hives had bees so calm, we wouldnt have needed protective gear. The most gentle were his carniolians and MH Italians.

I will post an update about a free yard I might be getting into with him, but that is a whole post for a future date.

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  1. I want to see these bees sometime soon, and the bees in the strawberry field too. Learn what you can now, my friend. Spring will be here before you know it and your hands will be full!