Thursday, January 7, 2010


I went ahead and did one cover in "Hunter Green." I just couldn't wait. I must also say thanks Mark from Marks Bee Haven for prompting me to get it done before the storm came in and we had more snow.

I used old newspaper and painters tape to tape off the areas I did not want to turn green.

I then sprayed in even strokes right and left until it was evenly coated (I had a little run until I got the hang of it).

This is the finished product.

I think it turned out just right.... Clean lines and crisp color. The light in the basement is flat right now due to the fact we have a winter storm rolling in.

Here is what it looked like before:

All in all, I must say it came out really well.


  1. I LIKE IT, I LIKE IT! Looks good, J-Rod! While I love the copper tops, I have to admit that I really like the hunter green color on top of the natural wood finish you've used. Your girls are going to be living up town. Can't wait to see it this coming weekend!

  2. Hi Jared. This is Lynn over at Walter Bee. Your hive is gorgeous. Mine are so weathered after 3 seasons in the garden and it makes me jealous to see your new beauty.

    I'm on my way to W/S this afternoon. It's going to be a blast to meet you and Mark at the school tomorrow.

    RE: Your previous post, in case I forget to mention - add Lamb's Ear and Autumn Joy Sedum to your list of plants. These 2 were the hand's down favorite in my garden.