Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year

I am excited about the class I am taking this coming Saturday. I will get to learn all about Organic and IPM beekeeping.

I am also doing some shopping around and trying to figure out some more plants to add to the yard/woods for my bees. At Wake Forest every year there were hundreds of honey bees on a type of holly, Osmanthus Fortunei. I am getting 2 of them to be a short hedge, with 2 Osmanthus Fragrans.

I found 5 false orange trees, which are really fragrant, for $20 and 5 fragrant lilac trees for $20. The yard will have sweet smells throughout summer… the flowering order will be Fortunei, Fragrans, orange and lilac…. And all are REALLY aromatic plants!!!!

I have another holly the bees like along with:
blueberries, a dwarf GA belle peach, Cleome spinosa (spider plants), chocolate vine, Pink fragrant lavender, Russian sage, Salvia Plumosa, Wonder of Staffa Aster, Dwarf aster, Lady in black Aster, Bee Balm, wild romance aster, 5 different types of butterfly bushes, Black Eyed susans, golden rod, snowdrift aster, 2 types of thyme, milkweed, Blue fragrant lavendar, Butterfly scabiosa and a few others I cannot remember.

I have also found some really nice people on a few of the bee forums who are going to send me seeds and plants. I will be getting quite the annual and perennial garden going for the girls… I am afraid I am going to run out of space in the yard before I can get everything situated. I think I am done!!!!

I guess I am going to have to invest another $200 in soil, landscaping timber and stakes to build another garden box so I will be able to handle all of the new plants.

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