Wednesday, March 24, 2010

CNG Certified!

It is official. I have my Certified Naturally Grown certification. All I have to do is follow the standards and have 2 other beekeepers inspect my apiaries each year. I am hoping I can get someone this Saturday (you know who you are!).

This allows me to get a little more for my honey and gives me a very nice presentation option if I sell at Farmers Markets or stores as I can add a really nice CNG lable to the containers. It also encourages me to keep everything IPM (integrated pest management) and chemical free.

I just realized I can get some great shots of the hive from some cool angles due to the fact that it is on my porch.

This is some truly urban beekeeping!!!

I have the boardman and top feeder on to ensure they have plenty of syrup at whatever consistancy they want. The boardman has 2:1, the hive top has 1:1 and almost 3:1

I need them to draw as much comb as they can as fast as possible.

I can also peer into the hive without ever getting into their flight path. They fly up and over the railing instead of through it. Because of this, I can get right up in front without even a beesuit!

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