Monday, March 15, 2010

Mead update

Well, the nice chocolate orange smell is gone and it is now replaced by a sulfur, rotten egg smell coming from the chocolate mead.... It is pooting away about 1 Silent But Deadly per second. Apparently d-47 yeast makes Sulfur Dioxide as a by-product.... Defiantly keep this one well far away from living space.

The chocolate still smells nice fro the airlock. It got so excited the last few days that it bubbled up into the airlock. If it gets clogged, I will have to pull it off and clean it. I don’t want to risk losing the mead to oxygen or bacteria, so I hope it stays clear.

2 months to go before I rack both into new carbouys. Then 1 more month before I bottle... And a year until it is ready. I am going to add a mead countdown clock on the right if I can find a good one.

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