Saturday, March 27, 2010

good inspection

I had a good inspection today. The queen is laying as fast as they can make new cells. The workers are extremely calm and I didn’t have to even break out the smoker. They still have about 2.5 frames to draw and I will probably add a brood chamber the middle of next week.

I found the queen on the second frame. She likes to scoot pretty fast when you expose her to light.

I am concerned at how calm they all are. It does make it a little difficult to work them. They crawl all over my hands to the point it is hard to not squish a few. And when I put the top feeder on, the inner cover or the spacer for the patty, I seem to kill about 5 for each item because they are all on the rim and my hands checking things out and telling me hello.

I am 100% sure I could inspect them without gloves and be just fine. No head butts, no angry bees buzzing around. Good genetics.

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